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The Universal Hands-free Lighting Solution - Wristband Light

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Hands-free Light | See & Be Seen | Weatherproof | Suitable for Every Lifestyle | Built to Last

With ALVA, you can finally see and be seen. Wear ALVA on your wrists for hands-free light where you need it, or on your ankles to be seen on road, track or trail. We also have a GoPro-compatible mount and keyring to suit any lifestyle.

Now you can stay safe, be seen, and see where you’re going with ALVA.

ALVA is a disruptor in the torch industry. While there are great headlamps, flashlights, or keyring torches to choose from, no product solves as many of these needs as ALVA

     We hope ALVA is the last flashlight you buy for your outdoor pursuits, whether you're looking to SEE or BE SEEN!

Whether on your wrist or ankle, ALVA not only lights your path but also ensures you'll be seen by others. Critical for runners and cyclists using roads and busy trails!

This GIF also gives a good indication of ALVA's brightness, showing how you can clearly be seen by motorists even if you have no other lights or reflectors.

ALVA is built to last and made for all of your adventures, regardless of the conditions! Once fitted to the accessory straps/mounts, the torches are weatherproof, rugged, and durable. 

We'll be aiming to achieve an IP67 rating (waterproof to a 1m depth for 30mins) as this is what our prototypes are capable of, but will guarantee IP65 ("rainproof") because this is a far more realistic 'worst case' use for ALVA in the real world. Please note, these are not intended to be used for diving. 

ALVA’s white or red micro-LED torches are rechargeable, last up to 3 hours and can be fully charged in under 40 minutes.

If you’re on longer adventures, we have additional units available to swap out for longer use!

Wear ALVA on your wrists or ankles with our silicone straps, or fit the torch to our GoPro-compatible or keyring mounts for more carry options. ALVA’s modular design is perfect for any lifestyle.

Move freely with ALVA. At only 39 grams, ALVA won’t weigh you down, no matter the activity.

For those who want either the ALVA wrist or ALVA ankle - pick the ALVA Solo reward and get a free keyring mount too. Perfect for walking the dog, adding to existing lights on your bike, camping, trekking or everyday torch needs!

For those who want ALVA on both the wrist and ankle - pick the Run & Cycle Duo reward, and get a free keyring mount too. Perfect for cycling, running, climbing, everyday tasks, and any time you want to see and be seen. Buy ALVA how it was designed to be used - as a pair.

Finally, for those who need everything - our Full Adventure Bundle...pick this reward and get two ALVA wrist torches, two ALVA ankle torches, two GoPro-compatible mounts, and two keyring mounts. Perfect for couples or those looking to make sure all situations are covered.

  The universal GoPro mount opens the door for endless light-mounting possibilities and is ideal for when it gets too dark to film. Pack away the cameras and use ALVA to light your way back.

All accessories are available in either Orange, Navy, Black or Olive. Confirm your selection and pick up any additional light modules, straps or mounts during the post-campaign surveys.

For those ordering multiple units with our bundled rewards, you'll be able to pick the colour for each item to mix and match should you wish.